Wind howled through the blind eye windows, shuffling the accumulated dust upon the floor. Whispers of lonely voices low notes along the the stairs.

I was as haunted with grief as the house. A young couple disappeared one night, leaving the house abandoned. Rumours swirled: murder-suicide when love turned to hate; a mystery never solved.

To ease my own pain, I searched for answers to their disappearance. Gradually the holes dug to look for bodies had filled in. Without CSI and DNA, police had few tools. Telegraph alerts; posters; rewards.

I wandered the rooms, strangely un-vandalized and with breaking down furniture still in place. I could never enter the nursery without a grab at my heart. Post-partum depression – then just sadness – had gripped her heart too. Was that the answer?

I stood on a stool in the nursery and examined the beams – there was a spot where the wood was rubbed with a deep crease.  Next to the empty cradle.

After cutting her down, did he leave – the empty house too much to bear? Or was his body hidden somewhere with hers – hidden in a place that only God would find?


word count: 199; words used: haunt; grief; disappear; abandon; murder; suicide; hate; mystery

Prompt 3 for mlmm Saturday Flash Splash #1 07.01.17

(c) Lorraine