This is a combination of three prompts. Once again, I needed a picture (FFfAW) to put the mlmm wordle and Sunday whirl together. I’m not fond of the outcome, but it’s been suggested that I can post the crap too. Write the dreck out so I can get back to the other stuff. The idea for a story is there from the words and/or the picture, but when I try to force them to conform (use the right # of words, or keep to a word limit) the result is a lot less than I had in mind. I get tempted not to make the links, but then, since I write prompts, I know it’s good to see how many folks are responding and to read their responses. So, what the hell. Another piece of 3 prompt dreck. Wonder how many drecks it takes to get back to feeling like there is something okay in what you write. Any suggestions?

Sunday Whirl wordle 280 words in italics; mlmm wordle 136 words in bold.

Photo Prompt: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers #96; photo by Grant-Sud – thanks for the interesting photo.

He said this country is cruel, mean and pitiless. I loved it at a cost: the canyons and arroyos would leave my heart bruised and banged up.

From the first time my headlights shone off Promontory Rock, I was under it’s spell. The land was a radio always playing a faint melody calling me back.

Like the first time I held him. But, my warm body could not melt his cryophilic soul, just as this place could not move him to ecstasy. Our love fizzled as if a drop of water on  mid-day rocks.

Now insular, I sought a space I could feel totally alone. Here, with the demon hot ball of the sun hanging low, I could.

I packed a thermos with tea and china cup and saucer. My boots made muffled echoes as I trekked down Fetal Canyon towards the valley floor.

I had no plan for leaving. (word count: 150)