I had resolved not to post in early 2017(for a variety of reasons); to concentrate instead on writing my prompts. But here it is New Year’s Day, and already I’ve broken my resolution. Tiny crack in the wall of depression that came slamming down last week. Tiny ray of computer screen-generated light broke through. And I got a quirky idea for the prompt. Not the words I wanted to come out – like I have developed a new dyslexia of expression. But here it is anyway for Al’s Sunday Photo Fiction for 01.01.17

She smudged into the blackness, keeping to the shadows. With each pounding heart-beat, she edged closer to the one point of egress to the fortress not under scrutiny of bright light or camera. A pool of darkness in an ocean of light, giving her the opportunity to reach the balcony windows. Years of rock climbing paid off.

Once up, slithering on her belly, she reached the electronically jammed window, a device fooling the the security console that all perimeter accesses were locked and loaded.

Scrunching almost double, she swung her legs over the window sill, her converse sneaker silently touching the floor. In stealth mode, she moved towards the bed, her mission almost complete.

Snap. The overhead light blazed on. Exposed. Captured. She would reveal nothing.

“Petunia,” her exasperated father said standing by the light switch, “your curfew is midnight, it’s now 4 am. This spy re-entry stuff just has to stop.”

(c) Lorraine; Image by Al