To remind herself of the season, Suzanne took the white table cloth from it’s yearlong resting place. Smoothing out wrinkles, like she tried with the various creams upon her face, she laid it out on the table.

Next came the decorations – the snowman she’d found tossed in the garbage. Like her, just needed a little Krazy glue.

The 2 expensive Dickens Christmas Village © houses remaining from her hamlet. The rest shattered in her rages.

The wire mesh tree – made during a stint in a rehab facility – best not to dwell upon.

And her guardian angel, Arial, all delicate in white and gold. Gilt-edged chiffon over satin, gold brocade and lame. Angel who had earned her strangely stiff and abalone-like wings 5 Christmases ago.

Always so noisy this time of the year, a cacophony of bells when so many angels tried to get their wings over Christmas. Too many watched It’s a Wonderful Life, she thought. Why not earn your wings in July?

Wishing all the best of this festive season and a bright and brilliant new year. Thanks Al for Sunday Photo Fiction this week and every week. December 25, 2016.