December 22, 2016 By Bernadette


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Jacqueline and I invite you to join in on our blogging event called The Writer’s Quote Challenge.

Here is my offering for this week just in time for Christmas:

Though I’ve grown old, the bell still rings for me as it does for all who truly believe.”  Chris Van Allsburg, The Polar Express.

This is my first participation in Bernadette and Jacqueline’s writer’s quote. I looked for a belief quote among my favourite authors/quotes and decided to make up my own.

 I believe

in ghosts of Christmas past, present, future

in filled stockings

in giving of myself to others

in redemption

in unconditional love year round

when a bell rings, an angel gets their wings

in guardian angels and spirits

we create our own families based on love not blood

in fairies, elves, and all that is magical and whimsical

in evil and hell, so I must believe so strongly in good

in the magic that comes of love and giving and embracing what Christmas truly means

I believe

Wishing everyone all the best of this festive season and a bright and brilliant 2017. May we act so our activism counts.