When the comet hit, the town lit up like a Christmas tree. Brighter than the Jenkins every annoying 100,00  quivering, shivering light show that danced to Christmas songs blaring from loud speakers. The display drew gawkers and tv crews, making life for the residents not so jolly but bright.

Brighter than the town’s actual 100 foot Christmas tree with it’s million twinkling, blinking electric lights. Folks only paid attention to it on tree lightening night when, inevitably,  it rained, watering down free hot chocolate encased in a Styrofoam cup.

Brighter than burn-off flares from the refineries on the outskirts of town where pipelines gushed with that old black gold into the maw of the refiner.

But not brighter than Sally’s hopes for her on-line petition about global warming and the melting Artic ice. Sally lived a couple of miles outside of town, and watched the spectacle with her telescope. Same one she’d used to track the comet.

Another report of almost above freezing temperatures and further melting of the Artic ice has me thinking . . .  for Finish off Friday # 4: Holiday-Themed Edition.

Thanks to everyone who played along in 2016 with this new prompt. Any ideas, photos, critiques, please use the comments section on the Finish off Friday post or my blog: Lorraine’s Frilly Freudian Slip.

Wishing everyone all the best of this festive season, and a brilliant, and bright, 2017. May we be active and our activism pay off.