The swill hit my throat like sandpaper. There was zilch in my stomach other than amphetamines. The cheap whiskey collided with the pills; tidal effect.

Feeling the relentless purgative effects, I flumbled from couch cushions on the floor, looking for a receptacle, NOW.

The world was sanguine; I clutched my gut swearing never, never, never again. Like last week. Like yesterday.

First tattoo a symbolic gravestone – just for mom who said my wildness would put me there.

Stumbled past Barefaced Lenny in his groove – volume on extreme, a snaggly grin on his face, reverie at seven dollars a pop.

Second tattoo a lounge lizard – just for pop whose avarice and appetites got me here.

Heard the whirr of a machine – bathroom to the right; kick the damn door down if I could.

Third tattoo a tarot card, the reversed fool – just for me.

Combination of Sunday Whirl #278: a baker’s dozen & Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie wordle #134 19.12.16

sunday whirl words: couch, collide, grave, volume, cushion, groove, card, now, machine, symbol, never, lounge (not used: grind)

mlmm words: relent, wildness, barefaced, amphetamine, swill, tidal, sanguine, reverie, avarice, zilch, sandpaper (used as title: the 4th rule ({there is an exception to every rule})