A bit of flash for mlmm Wordle #133 December 12, 2016.

This week’s words: gnash; lantern; edelweiss; birdseed; capture; heart; askance; descendent; irrevocable; ludic; ashes; curse

Edelweiss sighed. It didn’t suit her ludic demeanor being the descendent of folks with names like Gnash, Bone Crusher, Spittoonia and Garbagene. But it was her curse. Hard to light the lantern in a young man’s heart when his folks looked askance at your heritage. Her words turned to ashes in her mouth; she stumbled over her own feet. It was irrevocable – despite quickness to smile, sparks of gold in her hazel eyes, fine figure and flaxen hair, singledom would be her kingdom. So she scatter-shot her love like birdseed in the dooryard knowing that any move to capture would send her lovers into flight.

(c) Lorraine