slight of hand

in that absurd moment

when in our lovemaking                                                                                                                                                          

we form a number not a


undulate together

as in books of erotica

(Chapter 6, Plate 9, Figure 69)

fornicate to the

gramophone recording of

                       love making songs of sperm whales

      under the umbrellas of

        Green Peace


voyeurs to the sex life of

behemoths in Pacific Waters

or green porno tapes of

NatGeo film crews with

Siberian villagers

who primp and preen

their cattle for the slaughter of love

wedding bells and courtship ceremonies

to spice up the suckling and sucking

nothing is absurdly impossible when

we are disconnected from our bodies

from ourselves

my head floats between the

glass-ball buoy of the sea

and cloud-riven mountains

the flick      of your finger reminds

me of ecstasy and I fall back into

the arms Karma and Sutra

our weekly foursome

in the matters of


without pain

                        of remembrance

Composed for mlmm Bonus 189  Thanks Yves for the nod. The quote is just so amazing and goes towards explaining Escher’s attitude towards art and life.