Warren Zevon philosophized: “ain’t that pretty at all; so I’m gonna hurl myself against the wall; ‘cause I’d rather feel bad than nothing at all; ‘cause it ain’t that pretty at all.”

Warren Zevon often said it best. He was a hell-bent philosopher. A pretty scary guy with a far-seeing, intense eye. He sang the tough truths nobody wants to face about life and about themselves. Politic lyrics still resonant 25+ years later. Satire, sarcasm, humour still pretty much right on.

He said, knowing he was dying of cancer, that folks should “Enjoy every sandwich.” Another pretty good philosophy on life. If you’re not hurling yourself at the wall, have a BLT or a Ruben. Both are pretty good.

Linda suggested we use pretty any way we want for the 26.11.16 SoCS.