I worry about Anya – she took in any stray cat, dog, animal, and men like Sergey. Men who promised much, took much, and gave so little. Yet, Anya willingly accepted these crumbs, these scraps of love is if that was all she needed to exist upon. I knew she deserved so much more than dogs like Sergey. But, she did not see her own her beauty, even when reflected in the moonlit river. All she saw were scars and flaws – the imperfections she forgave in others, she cursed in herself.

Well, tonight, will put an end to Sergey. He forgets what I hear when Anya is not present – there will be no elopement, enrichment of his pockets, then cruel abandonment. When he comes to the river to met Anya, I shall protect her, guard her as I always have. Since she found me as a small abused pup and took me home with her.

Written for Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge #24: Moonlit Night

Painting by Iliya Repin