Dawn’s yellow fingers scratched away night’s sky and clouds.

The solar timer lights dimmed, and the rest area/truck stop shook itself awake.

Cramped from another night in the Honda, I walked off the stiffness along the perimeter, listening to the caterwauling gulls, taking in deep breaths of sea-tang, and watching ships navigate the channel.

Each captain had chart, compass and helmsman. I had a second-hand Civic, an ipad, iPhone and no sense of direction.

I wondered if one of the freighters would lend me a helmsman for a day or two. I’d promise to return him, once he’d set my course, and help mend my broken heart.


For Priceless Joy’s 90th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Photo Prompt Challenge. This week’s photo provided by Footy and Foodie.

*I had a crush on the character Pavel Chekov on the original Star Trek series.