A storm blew the crippled whaler, Cinderella, into harbour during a strike at the dockyards. The strike leaders, Acedia’s atheist and anarchist parents, pointed to the capitalist-underpinnings of the corset industry, and soon scrawled graffiti was on the side of the ship.

The ship’s crew took a vacation among the various honky-tonk rathskellers the town had to offer to garner female companionship, antipodean love, and kickass beer.

Henrik, the whaler’s cook, sympathized with the strikers and daily scooped out large bowls of clump chowder for them at the company’s expense. That is until two company goons with brass knuckles put a beating on Henrik to show him the error of his anarchist, commie ways.

Crawling through a blizzard, he found Acedia’s rooms, and with his waning strength, he called out for her. She dragged him inside, nursing him back to health on clump chowder and her secret love for him.

One afternoon, as the sun gleamed on her coil of flaxen hair, Henrik reached, letting it loose and sending it cascading down to his “sick bed.” She did not resist when he pulled her down beside him. She married Henrik for how titillating his generously-sized walrus mustache felt as it brushed against her naked breasts and thighs when they made love. He remained in the harbour, selling clump chowder and titillating Acedia.

1. Remain; 2. Walrus; 3. Acedia (sloth, laziness or indifference in religious matters); 4. Scrawl; 5. Rathskeller (in Germany) the cellar of a town hall, often used as a beer hall or restaurant. A restaurant patterned on the German rathskeller, usually located below street level.; 6. Cinder; 7. Pull; 8. Striking; 9. Clump; 10. Television did not use; 11. Coil; 12. Antipodes (Places diametrically opposite each other on the globe. Those who dwell there.)

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