There are several blogs I pass through which have “if we were having coffee” posts in which the blogger exchanges information, humorous or bittersweet tales, asks for/gives advice – just as you would if you were having coffee with a friend/friends.

Well, I’m having coffee, and I’m going to write outta my head which means, today, about the strangeness that swirls around me; another time, just how strange I feel, or just strangeness on a stream of coffee steam.

You see, I keep feeling like there are three not two of us living in the house right now. I don’t mean either myself or my husband have split personalities, or that I’m so unstable, I’m two people wrapped into one. No, the idea that there is one more person here this week than last.

There are less than supernatural reasons for my feeling this way: the first week in November has been pagan week for over 30 years since 3 of us (myself, my friend, and my eventual husband) shared a house and a week of birthdays. Natural to feel my friend’s presence, especially as she is going through a rough time.

Or, it could be the forms I filled out for seeing a Specialist Doctor. The usual are you Married, Single, etc. Then: Do you live with other people? Do I? I could be married and not live with my husband, but separated was one of the categories. What other people? Did this get me wondering if there are now three rather than two of us. (There was a separate question about children).

On the supernatural side, I’ve lived with permanent and visiting ghosts before, so should one have taken up residence in our tiny attic with very little haunting room (boxes, bike, furnace, hot water heater, boxes, boxes, boxes). There are the usual suspects, and of course, those who I may not have met.

I’ll have to see how long this sensation of someone else living here lasts. It’s not scary, yet, nor creepy, yet, just strange.

Having a permanent “floater” in my right eye doesn’t help – always seeing movement that isn’t there.

Nothing happened – not like my other “hauntings” where things were moved, pushed, lights turned on or off, footsteps on stairs, the more usual stuff. No feeling of being stalked or watched, yet.  Our little house is so small, less than 400 square feet, that it feels different when my husband comes home. And it feels different now, like a thin presence is here –  2 and a half couple?

But that’s just me, writing outta my head. 18.11.16