Something new in the mlmm neighbourhood, Finish off Fridays (FoF). I provide a picture prompt and opening sentence, you add 100 to 150 words to finish the story. This is the format Barbara Beacham used in her Monday’s Finish the Story Prompts until her passing last year. Be sure to include the opening sentence and picture in your post. Other info on FoF can be found here. Finish Off Fridays will alternate with Sanaa’s Friday Music Prompt.

Privet’s Farm, isolated from other farms sat exposed to the elements. For generations the Privets, a private people, had grown the best fruit and corn. No one was sure how, in the wind-swept, often-fog shrouded fields, the peaches grew four times the usual size, and the corn, six times the sweeter.

The Privets’ followed the Old Ways, and kept to a different planting and pruning schedule. Besides using moon and equinox/solstice, the youngest was sent to drop his or her underwear and sit bare-bottomed in the fields. When this could be done comfortably for five minutes, it was time to plant, if it took 5 minutes to freeze, time to trim. {word count: 100}

Grown for: Mindlovemisery’s Finish Off Fridays #1: The Privet’s Farm

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