“Stop squirming, Hermie,” ordered his mother.

The dreaded Halloween card picture.

Where he’d have to sit still so the likes of Aunt Creepola and Uncle Deaduns could coo and fuss over how much he’d grown since the last Halloween card picture.

“SMILE.” Click. Click. “Don’t stick out your tongue!” (His mother)

His mother would polish his bolts til they hurt, slick back his hair with stinky bat grease, and make him wear a stupid grey t-shirt “just like your father did.”

Hermie wanted to be playing Pokémon Go! with his friends, not sitting in a dumb studio with Mr. Ralpho, photographer to the dead and undead telling him to SMILE.

And worst, next he’d have to sit still with his bratty sisters. Yuck.


For the Halloween edition of Sunday Photo Fiction, October 30, 2016. Happy Hauntings, Al.


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