We all knew the hounds lived in the caves. Had for centuries. But well, new folk, city folk looking for a country commute, they don’t understand like we do.

Funny how they have cottages to buy cause our young folk head to live in the city. Don’t stay to keep up what’s been in family hands for generations. Sad tale since the Wars.

But at least the houses stand, children play, shops buzz, and villages don’t die like parishioners. Means there’s big roads and cars and trucks. But trains coming back to shuffle them city/country folks around.

But the hounds. Yes, thanks, I’ll take another pint. Yes, the hounds.  They thought them a nuisance – baying in the night, snuffling round their dooryards, glowing eyes peering in their windows.

Thought it twas local lads having a romp, making fun, you know, of the newbies, the townies. Or slovenly country folks letting their dogs run loose. Or worse.

Had town hall meetings about the hounds. Petitions signed. Parliament lobbied. Reality TV producer contacted. Face Book Group started. Quite the stir.

Anything and everything was blamed on the hounds. A dead cat. Ravished garbage. Raided veggie patch. Stolen laundry. Missing items from car keys to diamond necklaces to children’s home work. Slow internet connections. Bad mobile phone service. Attacks in the night.

Some wanted to kill the hounds off – must be wild like pack dogs. Some thought to rehabilitate and adopt out the hounds to local families. Others figured, well, just as long as the hounds weren’t in a cave in their back yard.

And, so it went on. We tried to tell them. To get them to listen. But they were from the city and thought themselves smarter than us.

You see we knew the hounds were mere shadows, spirits, only made real by your fears, your insecurities, your suspicions, jealousies, angry, greed, disrespect, hubris, hatreds, the nasty, brutish side of man.

And the more you fought the hounds, well, the more real they became. And the more they fought back. So when some fools got the idea to dynamite the caves . . .

We warned them. Yes, another pint will do nicely. Thank you.

A Halloweenish sorta response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt: creature #writephoto


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