Out of the terribleness of the field dressing stations, they forged a friendship that went beyond her nurse’s uniform, and his army doctor’s rank.

Delirious soldiers begged to have shell-blasted limbs remain; she held their hands, and soothed them, while he rationed out medicine by saw blade. She gave his precision humanity.

Soldiers, too many nights in no man’s land trenches, where a sudden silence denoted an instant blast – a torchwood of heat and flame—shuddered at any pneumatic sound. She reassured them; he tried to keep them away from active duty.

Orders came from Medical HQ:  the nurse and doctor were being assigned to different units. They wondered if a skulker had reported them embracing each other for support and comfort. The lavation of their love from their hearts and souls began.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Wordle 125

image: thechronicleherald.ca

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