One of the oldest houses in my neighbourhood seems to come up for sale on a regular basis. There are, no doubt, quite logical reasons for this. An old house has it’s needs and wants. Repairs, neighbours (little of the property other than the house remains), falling trees, leaking roof. Always well kept, must come at a financial cost.

I think there is another reason for the turn around – this old house is haunted. I’ve lived with ghosts; most were playful, unthreatening, and once accepted, not quite as chilling. Only one house had a malevolent spirit – knowing it’s story, I understood why.

I don’t know what sorts of spirits inhabit 208, but they seem to be into real estate.


I’m the ghost in the door – as for the origins of the X? The truth is out there.

Assembled for #thursdaydoors, October 13, 2016.