We are the Frummmillop Dexlerty Project (FDP). And, since it takes up 1/2 my attic apartment, then I guess I’m Project Manager. Let you in on a little secret first – the Book of Frummmillop Dexlerty is my Ph.D. thesis rewritten, after some unnecessarily harsh criticisms, during a drinking marathon. Each of the group: Phyl, Penni, the 3 Michaels, Royal and I took a pile of manuscript pages and coloured markers and “improved” the “comprehension and level of sophistication needed and demanded at the graduate level” of my opus. We “addressed” issues; added unnecessary or inappropriate references; in other words, we revised my thesis.

Things might have stopped there, but one of the Michaels – Mikey – gathered up our efforts, keyboarded our “corrected copy,” had copies bound and stamped: The Book of Frummmillop Dexlerty (BFD). Author: Olphy Penimmmoy (O.P.), and gave us each one. Of course, the whole book was a “make no [sense]” piece of academic jargonism; created words and phrases; scholarly sounding notations; mislabeled illustrations and the like. Pooling our various talents and skills, the Frummmillop Dexlerty Project set out to make Olphy Penimmmoy a household name.

Surprisingly easy since the news cycle relied on YouTube and “citizen journalists and videographers” for it’s content, BFD started trending, topping the Tweet charts. We created a blog, facebook, instragram and twitter accounts.  Celebrity readings on YouTube; electronic media contracts; the BFD Workbook, Colouring Book, Cook Book; YA and children’s versions. We had O.P. be an “International person of mystery,” and started all sorts of rumours concerning his/her/their gender, nationality, and background. We all agreed it was the most creative we’d ever been from O.P.’s predilection for warm coke at bedtime to solving software conundrums. Marketing, media, finance, social and economic theory; our academic work was a living and breathing creation – only of course, it wasn’t.

There can be a dark side to such romps and nose thumbing – when that became unavoidably apparent, we dismantled the Frummmillop Dexlerty Project, submitted our various portions as conference papers, podcasts, webinars, parlayed into books, tenure tract positions, and the talk show circuits. Talk of a movie or television show; various hosting gigs, a lot spun out of the FDP. Best of all, finally, I received my PH.D in Fantasy Literature.

“penned” for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #87 Making Sense of Nonsense – The Best Seller.