I have a thing for coins.

I amass them in jars; boxes; pill bottles; Ziploc bags; and tubs.

Old coins, new coins.

Coins from other countries.

Found coins.

Series coins.

Special occasion coins.

Before I give away a coin, I look it over for date; country of origin; does it look in better condition than one I have at home; is it one of the lucky ones?

If no – then I pass it along to the economy. I do the same when I get change back.

I must have 10 of each state quarter, seeking the shiniest, the same for the national monuments and parks series. 

And somehow, I can’t bring myself to sort as then they all look shiny or dull.

When the change tub is bursting, I sort through to make sure nothing of note has slipped in, then separate into denominations and count each then add together.

Then count again. This is not OCD (obsessive coinage disorder); it is so I can cheat Penny Arcade the coin-counter for kids at my bank.

You can guess how much change you have saved.

If you guess within a dollar, you get a prize – bank-branded of course.

Over time, it has gone from which would you like to a grilling as to the number of grandchildren I have.

Next will be their names and ages no doubt.

And, it is time to count and sort as the Ziploc tube is full, and the new series quarters spill all over the shelf.

I amass coinage, but somehow never amass money – working on it a state quarter, monument and national park  quarter at a time.

Minted for LindaGHill’s SoCS, October 9, 2016: coin