Eva clutched the papers tightly. She did not trust Jurgen with them. She could see he was already on the American Plains. Probably thinking himself a sheriff and chasing outlaws with his own posse. Or a man of business with a cigar and a big motor car. No more walking for Jurgen.

Eva was more practical. Such dreams of movie stars and radio shows would need to wait. A long journey lay ahead of them. Jurgen would dream his way to America, Eva must beg, bargain, sell to get tickets to go with the papers she had picked up from the magistrate in town. Her sons, already in New York and Chicago, guaranteed a place for their parents. Some were allowed to leave, if the the money and the paper work was right. Eva was smart. Everything would add up while Jurgen chased bad men across the West.

Microfiction  {148} for Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge #17: A Satisfied Couple