slain men’s pain

rain sloughs into ground

all is death

fallow fields

autumn is without luster

wet leaves for tombstones




B & P’s Shadorma focuses on D.H. Lawrence’s poem, Autumn Rain. I chose war and pain, more than other themes, as a great-uncle was lost in the muddy, bloody no-mans land of Passchendaele; his body never found 


In case you are wondering – my frilly freudian slip is two halves of one personae moving back into one brain together. Phylor and ADH [a darkened house] are now on the evolution or devolution of a new blog space, My Frilly Freudian Slip. Both blogs are still up should someone stumble upon them. If you were a follower (sounds a bit like a cult), check us out before recommitment. We hope it’s lively, and the we becomes I real soon. And thanks for the new rose icon.

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