Jane Dougherty, in this week’s Micro Fiction Challenge 16 asks us to consider this painting. What are the pair up to? Are they rushing to or from something?” What follows is my interpretation of the painting Lovers by Felix Nussbaum.


Maxie knew she should not imbibe so much champagne. But the music, the dancing – all went to her head like tiny champagne bubbles. Bubbling up now in her brain; bubbling and breaking. She felt woozy, moving her right foot made the left tickle.

Fanning herself, she said “Sir, you must excuse me for a moment. I need to sit down.”

“What you need is fresh air my dear,” he said with a gentlemanly smile. “Please let me escort you to the terrace.”

Maxie took his out stretched hand, and followed meekly, hiccupping occasionally along the way.

He seated her on one of the ornament benches just far enough way  from the ball room that the lights and the music were like shadows.

Maxie didn’t expect to find herself leaning on his masculine shoulder, nor yielding to his fond kisses.Her pulse quickened; she lost herself in his arms.

But he said, “No, it is not right to take advantage of a lady such as you self. Let me walk you home so that you might arrive more sober.”

Maxie hiccupped a” yes” and with great relief let the gentleman help her to her still wobbling feet “Pass the black tower,” she said, as he draped his arm around her shoulder pulling her close.

She was so relieved, that she failed to notice they were heading in the opposite direction as the gentleman quietly hummed Wagner.